10 Months!

We have had a lot going on in the Clark household as of late. Since my last post we have celebrated Father's Day, dedicated the babies at church, had our first bout of illness and I went back to work part time!  Whew!  I'm tired just typing it out.

Starting back to work was a big decision, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity I was offered.  I am 3 minutes from home, working two days a week and Mom is watching Grayson and Hallie now that she is retired. My first day back was like coming home to family, it's a perfect fit for all of us.  I miss H&G, but have to admit the break is nice for me.

Father's Day was extra special as we celebrated Aaron's first and we dedicated the babies at church with the whole family, great grandparents included.

We were hit with our first illness that took us all down.  Being sick has a whole new meaning with our sweet little angels.  Let's just say it was a rough week including; the grandmas who helped and ended up sick as well.

We had an awesome 4th of July at Big League Field of Dreams in Mansfield.  The babies saw their first concert and their first fireworks.  They did great, although didn't care for the long wait getting out of the parking lot.  They are happy in the car as long as we are MOVING.  It was a blast.

As always, Grayson and Hallie are changing every time we blink.  Here is the latest and greatest update.

Says 'dada', 'baba', 'daddeee' and squeals at the top of his lungs when he's not happy.
He is officially on the move!  Crawling and pulling up on everything.  He is even attempting to climb into and on things. ALL BOY.  He loves to stand and has even let go and stood for a few seconds on his own. He's strong and doesn't let much slow him down!
He loves cords, phones, remotes and just about anything that doesn't belong to him.  I was one sentence into this blog post when my screen went blank.  The little stinker unplugged my computer.
He loves to be outside, likes walk in his stroller and LOVES splashing in the bathtub.
Starting to wave (not at the right time, but a wave is a wave!) and is figuring out how to clap his hands together for paddy-cake.
Now has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.  Likes to bite, HARD.
His blonde hair may be getting a bit darker and is definitely getting longer.
Eyes are still crystal blue.  Swoon....
Still loves to eat and is now interested in finger foods.  We started with organic sweet potato puffs and are working on avocado, blueberry and eggs.  He wasn't a huge fan of the eggs.
He has regressed in the sleeping department since being sick and now likes to get in bed with us between 11 and midnight.  This wasn't something we wanted to do with two, but for now it's what works.  We can't let him wake Hallie so we roll with it.  To relax him we sing Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children.  He doesn't seem to mind my terrible singing voice, YET.
This month G has become a little more determined with a little more attitude.  I think he knows to hold his own with sister he will need it!  We may have a tackle football player in the family judging by the frequency in which he takes his sister down (usually with a handful of hair).  In the last few days he has eased up on the biting, but we still have to watch out for 'sugars'.  I love watching him learn and explore the world around him.

Says dada, baba, nana.  She still likes to squeal at the top of her longs when she is both happy and sad.
She was first to crawl by one week and loves to explore and pull up, although not as much a Grayson.
Hallie loves to be held, especially by me, and also wants everything that is not hers just like brother. Both tire of their toys easily, but give them a spatula and they are happy campers.  Both like pull up toys and toys that play music and light up.
She loves to wave bye-bye and is a pro a paddy cake. PRECIOUS.
Hallie has her FIRST and SECOND tooth!  Two little adorable bottom teef!
She has a good appetite, and loves all things sweet.  She is starting to get the hang of finger foods, like puffs.
Hair is dark brown, and long enough for clip on bows!  Her eyes seem to be turning brown, but for now I'll call them hazel.
Hallie is now sleeping better than Grayson.  It's a constant flip-flop around here.  She goes down fairly easy when she's tired and has her paci.  Both nap twice a day pretty consistently - thank goodness!
Hallie has been showing us her soft, feminine side lately with soft touches and cuddles.  She is very vocal and very social.  She continues to make us laugh with her facial expressions.  There is almost always a pucker or pout.

I can't believe I am planning their first birthday party!  Bitter sweet.

 Parent Dedication on Father's Day 

 July 4th!
Summer Pool Party at Nana's