It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Mom and I took the twins to their first performance at the Bass Hall to see Rudolph.  The production couldn't have been better.  It brought me back to childhood. Grayson and Hallie loved it and sat perfectly through the entire show.  Proud mamma moment!

The Bass is decorated beautifully at Christmastime.  We picked out ornaments for H&G as keepsakes for our special day and plan to make it a annual tradition with Nana.


I'm fairly certain I've title another post 'Thankful" but I don't mind repeating history, because I truly am THANKFUL in this season of life.  I would be willing to bet I am not the only mom out there that often spends a morning sipping coffee, watching her children play in awe of the joy, love and blessing that surround her.  This Thanksgiving, I was on a 'love high,' as I said, right after giving birth.  The holidays are so special and watching the magic through my children's eyes is enough to make my heart burst.  I am also keenly aware of families who are struggling right now, whether it be financially, facing a year of firsts after the loss of a loved one or fighting an ugly disease, like cancer.  Our prayer list is so long I've had to start writing it down in my phone so that I won't forget who needs us to prayer over their circumstances.  So many people we love are hurting for one reason or another.  I realize storms are inevitable in all of our lives, and right now we are sailing smooth seas, but I don't forget for a moment that the wind can and will change direction.  It helps me to remain thankful and TRY not to get caught up in the daily messes of life, like the fact that our house is never clean enough, the kids aren't sleeping through the night or that our health insurance rates just blew up again.  Instead, I am reminded that we have a home full of life to clean, precious children calling out for us in the middle of our deep sleep and the ability to provide for our family and never go without.  We are healthy and we are beyond blessed.

With all of that said, we had a wonderfully, low-key Thanksgiving with our families.  We celebrated with Mike and Mom the weekend before as they headed to Conroe to be with Mike's family.  We had a perfect day spent by the fire, eating, (okay gorging) and soaking up sweet moments with the twins.  Daddy taught Grayson how to tackle him.  Let's just say, it was ADORABLE!

We spent Thanksgiving with Aaron's families.  We started at Grandpa and Grandma Thomas' and then headed to the Clark's.  Speaking of thankful, how cool is it that we are spending another holiday season with all four of Aaron's grandparents?  Uncle Tommy and Aunt Kathi were still here before heading on Colorado and then back to Belize.  Olivia showed us her big girl walk and the kids all played until they nearly passed out.  At home we watched the Cowboys WIN!  10-1!  I am definitely not a die-hard Cowboy fan, I am more accurately, a fair weather fan, but at least I am honest about it!  Even us fair weather fans are excited about this season!  We wrapped up the night with leftovers and movies.  Aside from not seeing Nana and Papa, it was a perfect turkey day!