Blessed in Multiples!

Third time was a charm!  We found out we are pregnant 12 days after our IUI procedure.  Leading up to it I had a 'hunch' this time was different.  I was extremely bloated which wasn't uncommon with my medications, but I also had headaches that lasted all day.  I have rarely had a headache in my life.  The morning of our 12th day post procedure I woke up and took my test about 4am... and then went back to sleep until 7am!  My friends thought this was crazy as most of them have sat and watched waiting for the result.  I woke up after a vivid dream that I was holding the test and it turned from negative to postive.  I jumped up and ran to grab it.  POSITIVE.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  I went to wake Aaron up and before I could say anything he said, 'Go test.'   I told him I did.  It was postive.  He jumped out of bed and told  me he was having the same dream I had just had.  We could barely stand the excitement and started calling our parents, the sisters, the grandparents and are closest friends.  I will never forget that morning or that time sitting on our bed (Aaron was actually standing because he was too excited to sit).  Our dream had come true and we were on top of the world.  Our family's reactions were perfect, tears, giggles and shouts! 

Later that morning I went to the lab to have blood work for my doctors office to confirm our pregnancy.  My first Beta number was a 79.  Great high number.  A little higher than average even.  Day 14 I went in for my second blood test just two days later to confirm a good pregnancy.  Our number needed to double.  220.  It more than doubled and was again, higher than average.  Hmm. 

March 28 we had our very first sonogram at Dr. Le's office to see the baby.  It would be too early to see heartbeats but we could see and measure the sac.  Our wonderful nurse, Christy saw one perfect little sac and another sac of what she thought may be a blood pocket.  After she left we saw Dr. Escobar and asked him what he thought.  His said he could only say for sure if he looked himself.  He started counting what he saw, one..... two..... and this one looks like a blood clot.  I nearly passed out when he was counting, terrified he was going to say three.  He concluded that he THOUGHT it was a TWIN pregnancy, but couldn't say for sure until it/they were a bit bigger.  Come back in 1-2 weeks.  We were ecstatic.  I have never seen Aaron so happy or joyful.  He was rooting for twins, especially after our Betas came back higher than average.  Again, our families were thrilled. 

A week later (no we couldn't wait 2 weeks) we had our second sonogram with fingers crossed the baby or babies were big enough to determine if we had one or two.  We waited on the doctor for what seemed an eternity.  He sat down and warned us we would likely not hear the heartbeat(s) as it was still a little too premature.  Not only did we see one perfect little heartbeat, but we saw TWO!  TWINS!  I cried and Aaron pumped his fists in the air (which of course cracked me up).  Excited, emotional, overwhelmed are the words that come to mind in regards of how I was feeling.  I had that 'hunch' but having it confirmed was an incredible feeling. 

Two days later and still on cloud nine Aaron celebrated his 34th birthday.  What a gift.  He would say he couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Our last and final appointment with the IVFMD team was last week.  It was bittersweet for us.  The sweet part was having one more songram with the wonderful team who helped us achieve our dreams of becoming parents.  The babies measured exactly the same at 8 weeks and 4 days which was one day ahead of average.  I won't be shocked if we have big babies... in fact, I might be shocked if we don't!  The babies heartbeats were nearly the same as well, 169 and 170.  Many twins measure differently.  I found it cute our's were measuring the same... it's already starting!  The bitter part of our final sono with the team was saying goodbye to the staff who treated us so well and took excellent care of us.  I can't say enough about our experience with IVFMD and would recommend them to anyone struggling to conceive. 

We are so very blessed.  Our twins are due October 13, 2014 based on first measure days or October   11 based on procedure date... My birthday!

In  Dr. Le's office waiting to find out! 
Two precious babies!