Gender Reveal

Yesterday was a day Aaron and I will never forget.  We found out the gender of our twins and shared the news with our family.  Yesterday marked 15 weeks of pregnancy.  Second trimester has been much easier than first in terms of feeling better.  I wouldn't trade any of our experiences for the world, but must admit I am happy to be feeling like myself again!  I have a little baby bump and have gained about 4 pounds so far.  I can't wait for a big bump that says 'yes, I'm pregnant' rather than 'is she or isn't she?' I'm officially in that awkward stage.
A few weeks back (I believe at 12 weeks) we met with Dr. Daum to see how the babies were doing after a little bleeding scare.  Thankfully, our angels both looked great.  The babies were flipping around and kicking their arms and legs.  Aaron and I loved seeing them moving all over.  It was adorable.  During the appointment Aaron asked when we would find out the gender, and to that Dr. D responded, "lets take a look!"  After a few minutes he determined that he thought we were having two boys!  I couldn't help but smile and laugh.  Aaron was all smiles.  It was very early, and Dr. D said he was about 60-70% sure of his call.  We left and couldn't help calling our family and friends.  I think our moms were most excited.  We weren't expecting to find out any gender information that early so I wasn't sure if we should still do a gender party since we had already spilled the beans.  
Fast forward to yesterday.  We met with a 4D sonographer who was highly recommended by friends, and who guarantees accurate gender results at 15 weeks.  So of course, right on the 15 week mark we set an appointment.  Neither Aaron or I slept well the night before anticipating our appointment.  Right away she was able to tell us Baby A was a boy, but after 15 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to determine Baby B she said we would need to go back in the waiting room because she had another patient waiting.  Baby B wasn't cooperating and 'it's' legs were closed.  She said she thought it 'might' be a girl.  Back into the waiting room we go. Aaron was anxious, and could hardly sit still while we waited.  After what seemed like forever we went back in with our fingers crossed Baby B would show his or her stuff.  Baby B had completely flipped around giving Makeba a better angle.  After a couple of minutes she said, "1000% girl".  We were shocked after being told we likely had two boys.  Again, I had tears of joy.  Could we be more blessed?!  We left our appointment walking on clouds.  I could barely stand the wait of telling our family at dinner.
We had everyone over to our house at 7:00.  We ate dinner and desert, and then had everyone gather in the living room.  We wrapped up two precious little stuffed animals with pink and blue ribbon around their necks to determine the gender.  The animals each had a microchip with Baby A and B's heartbeats inside.  We gave my mom Baby A to open first.  She pulled it out and of course teared up seeing a BLUE ribbon.  A sweet little boy!  Karlos opened Baby B's box next and pulled out a precious little lamb with a PINK ribbon.  She squealed and the room erupted in excitement at the surprise of a little GIRL!  Before the gifts we went around the room and wrote down everyone's guess.  Nearly everyone guessed Boy/Boy, but Andrea, Ali and Mom who guessed Boy/Girl.  Our night was so special sharing our biggest and most important news of our lives with the people we loved most.  Our friends were calling all day dying to know.  Once we announced our news on Facebook sweet texts, calls and messages started pouring in.  It was a perfect, magical day I will never forget.  In one word it was purse JOY.

Now it's time to start preparing for our little angels arrival in October!