Lately I have had an overwhelming feeling of thanfulness. I look around at all of the amazing and wonderful things going on in my life and lives of those I love and can't help but feel blessed beyond words. As our wedding gets closer I realize just how lucky I am to have met and fell in love with Aaron, he is more than I could have ever asked for and I am so grateful to soon be a part of his family. Pretty soon I will have the sisters I always wanted growing up. If you know Andrea and Ali you know I got pretty lucky in the sister-in-law department. Same goes for Aaron's parents and grandparents. Aaron has all 4 of his grandparents close by, he feels very fortunate for this and so do I. I miss all of my family in Washington very much, so being surrounded by new family sure is a blessing! I can't wait to have everyone altogether for our wedding!!

2010 has brought many new blessings to our closest friends as well... Tracy had great news after meeting her Oncologist and is heading off to Hawaii where her and Eric were married to celebrate their anniversary. Roy & Krystal found out that they are pregnant with their first little angel and are due the day after my birthday (October 12th). I am hoping she delivers one day early ;) Last but not least, Dustin and Kacey are pregnant! After 3 years of trying for a baby they conceived after their first round of IVF. It was a long journey but ultimately strengthened their faith and proved that nothing is too hard for God! Please pray for healthy pregnancys for both Krystal and Kacey. In the next few weeks we found out if they are having boys/girls and Kacey will find out if she is having one or two!


Marlie and Mia

The girls playing in the snow...I think they prefer summer!

Mean Marlie :)
Car ride - check out those ears!

First bath
Marlie is doing great and adusting really well to her new home... cute as can be too! Her first month home I was convinced she was Dachshund/Chiuaua mix because of her size (she is still teeney tiny) and her funny ears (they stick straight up in the air). The vet swears she is all Dachshund but said he has never seen one with ears like her's. Either way we love her the same! Aaron calls her his dog, carries her all over and kisses her non stop! (SHH! I am not supposed to tell anyone that) She has been a breeze to potty train and doesn't bark at all, keeping my fingers crossed! Marlie gets along great with Mia and Mia is happy to have a playmate. I just love my girls!