Magic Sleep Suits, Helmets and Glasses... Oh My!

We have a breakthrough! As of two weeks ago Hallie is finally sleeping through the night! I was reading a post in a multiple moms site I frequent and ran across a picture of a sleep suit that was said to help babies who woke frequently, sleep through the night. I read the reviews and ordered (as fast as I could). Thank goodness for Amazon Prime two day shipping, otherwise known as my best friend, since becoming a mom. It was delivered two weeks ago today and really, truly is magic! We suited her up before her nighttime bottle and she was immediately relaxed and drowsy. We put her down, looking as snug as a bug in a marshmallow snowsuit... and would you believe she woke up the next morning at 9:30am?!?  I could lt believe it either. This was my little girl who rolled around waking herself up all night; making for one tired mommy. Grayson has been my better sleeper and typically wakes once usually between 2-5am. Of course I would prefer to sleep all night, but I need to pump so it works out just fine.

                   Here is little girl in her suit the first morning she woke up. Happy as can be!

Now that I am rested I've been much more active, hitting the gym and walking with the babies on nice days. I feel like a new person with sleep and exercise. I am working my way back towards pre-pregnancy weight and hoping to be (somewhat) bathing suit ready for our Costa Rica trip in less than 30 days. I am excited for QT with Aaron, SLEEPING IN and the adult time, but also anxious to be away from my loves for several nights. I know they will be in great hands with their grandparents, but I know I will miss them like crazy. I feel parenting and life in general, is all about balance, and being away from them is part of having balance, as much as a will miss being with them.

In other news, we are working on physical therapy for H&G to help with the flat heads that have developed overtime. Both babies have it on their right side. Our goal is to correct the issue with a serious of exercises and stretching to avoid wearing helmets. We will meet with ECI therapists three times monthly and also see a cranial specialist to get his or her opinion. Helmets are very expensive and would have to be worn 23 hours per day so we will work hard at home in hopes that we don't need them.

Hallie had her last eye appointment this past week and won't go again until she is a year (YAY!). She won't go again until she is a year (double yay!). The original issue has cleared up with the blood vessels around the retina, but he did see a big difference in the power of prescription between her two eyes. He hopes to see her eyes improve before her year appointment, but of not she will need glasses. The good news is that if glasses are necessary we will have caught this early and can correct the problem overtime. We would prefer no glasses, but if she has to have them she will be the cutest little
four eyes in town!

I can't forget, we broke the rules and went out to eat with the babies and they were perfect. It was a beautiful spring like day and we just couldn't resist enjoying lunch on the patio. Hallelujah! Getting
out of the house as a family has been good for all of us! We look forward to our freedom come spring when flu season is over.

Perfect angels during our first outing. As always, G is snoozing in his car seat and H is wide awake. 

In 8 more days these two will be 6 months old. Half of a year!