7 Months!

We have experienced so many new milestones and are loving every minute of these fun new stages. Here goes.

19.8 Pounds
Rolling over and over and over!
Started solids. Didn't care for rice cereal but he loves butternut squash. It's so cute to feed his messy face!
Sitting up and propping himself with his hands for a couple of minutes at a time.
Hair is a dirty blone and eyes are crystal blue. We get stopped and he gets compliments on his baby blues constantly.
Big adorable, chubby thighs.
Sleeping great. Has a hard time getting to sleep some nights. He likes to be rocked to sleep and doesn't care to go to bed if he is aware he is acutely going to bed. Likes to sleep on his side in the crib.
Holds Hallie's hand.

15.11 Pounds
Rolling over. She gets mad because she rolls over on her tummy but doesn't care for tummy time. Funny girl.
Lays her hands on her head when she eats. It's precious.
Loves to be out and about and really takes everything in. She is very observant.
Hair is getting lighter and I'm still not sure what color her eyes will be. I think hazel.
Thighs are getting chunky, with sweet chubby rolls.
Sleeping all night and does great in her sleep suit. We lay her down wide awake and give her thep paci. Easy peasy!
Likes to hold brother's hand.

Both babies are doing great in therapy and may even graduate from it soon! In other news, we saw the Cranio doctor and will be getting helmets in April. Not excited about this, but want to make sure we take care of this early and prevent figures issues. The earlier we start the easier the treatment and shorter time they will be in them. As they get older their heads are less plyable and would take more time in their helmets to fix. Poor little peanuts!

We are so looking forward to our first Easter and first time to church this coming weekend. Mom and I had so much fun buying their Easter outfits and having their pictures with the Easter bunny. They did great.  Next year may be a different story...

6 Months!

And just like that, Grayson and Hallie are six months old.  Aaron and I had our first adult vacation sans babies.  It was a short, but nice trip to Costa Rica.  You could say we got our feet wet.

Here is what our little stinkers have been up to in their sixth month.

17.8 pounds
Grabs and holds toys.
Puts everything in your mouth.
Smiles, flirts and acts bashful - so cute!
Laughs when he thinks we are funny.
Eating 8-10 ounces at a time!
Sits up in bumbo or jumper.
15 minutes of tummy time or more at a time with no problem.
Grayon has his first tooth! It popped up middle of March while we were in Costa Rica. It's so stinking cute I can hardly stand it.
Did great while mom and dad were in Costa Rica. Grammy and Nana split the time with them.

15 pounds
Grabs toys and puts them in her mouth
Loves to examine her hands.
Smiles big open mouth smiles, but not yet laughing.
Likes to be lifted in the air and ride on my legs.
Holds her bottle (with help)
Puts her paci in her mouth and takes it back out, over and over again!
Sits up in bumbo or jumper.
Can prop sit for a few minutes at a time without support.
Screams and squeals.
Still not a fan of tummy time and needs to continue work on this.
No teeth just yet.
Did great while mom and dad were in Costa Rica. Grammy and Nana split the time with them. 

Our six month appointment went great. Dr. Prater said several times, the ya re doing and growing wonderfully. Each tome we see them they climb the percentage growth chart getting closer and closer to the weight of other babies their same age. Grayson is 3 pounds bigger, but feels twice her size. He's our stout boy and she's our peteote girl. Dr. P also felt we are ready to start solids such as rice cereal and puréed fruits and veggies. I am not feeling quite ready so we will wait until 7 months. I've read so much about the negative of starting solid foods before a baby's gut is ready and went with my mommy instinct on this one. Fortunately, they don't NEED it until closer to one year so we will wait just a it longer.

Pictures to follow but HAD to get this post up... A month late. #twinlife