Five Years of LOVE

Aaron and I celebrated our fith anniversary last week.  It's hard to believe it has been been years already.  I speak for both of us when I say, that we look around us and are in awe of our blessings.  Being parents has been trying, but has also brought us closer together, sharing such a sweet love for our children.  We exchanged our traditional letters and spent the evening downtown Fort Worth.  We walked through Sundance Square after dinner to take in the gorgeous tree, fountains  and lights galore.  We even danced together downtown.  It was my perfect version of our anniversary, romantic and festive!


Fall Fun and Wedding Celebrations!

What's more exciting than holidays and weddings? We have been celebrating both! Alison and Jayce had a gorgeous wedding in Ocotber and Mike and Mom had a beautiful wedding in November.  Both had perfect fall weather.  Cheers to the happy new couples as our families continue to grow.  We are blessed!

As for our two 15 month olds, they are walking and talking up a storm.  Grayson started walking first, but Hallie was very determined and mastered her new skill before Grayson. He followed closely behind and both were on the go by 14 months. Surprisingly,  I find walking easier than crawling.  Their vocabulary is growing everyday, and their little voices fill our home with the sweetest sounds.  No, cow, moo, what's that (merged into one sound), ball, dada and baby are some we here most frequently.  Grayson said Pop for Poppy (Mike) which melted all of our hearts.  Hallie has 7 teeth and is working on her 8th. Grayson is getting his eye teeth at the same time.  Both sleep from 7-7 on good nights, when teething and colds don't interfere.  We are still taking two naps most days, but the transition is near.  As with everything baby related, change is the most constant part of our schedule.  Grayson is opening doors and learning to love books like sister.  He is really into balls and Tupperware right now. Oh and the dog dishes, nice...  Hallie has her nose in a book and 'reads' out loud to us.  It's mainly babble with cow and dada thrown in here and there.  She loves to get in and out of her car, until Grayson tries to join her.  They get along and play well aside from the occasional stolen book or toy.  Both really love their baths, grandparents and Mickey Mouse.  Neither like getting dressed, doctor visits or diaper changes.  They have decided to boycot eggs, but devour fruits and vegetables. A win in my book!

The holidays are among us and we are soaking in every special moment. Our second Halloween with Grayson and Hallie was much more exciting than our first (still on doctor orderd lockdown last year). We went on a hayride with friends and our family dressed as cowboys and Indians. The babies weren't sure what all the fuss was about but are always happy outside on a new adventure. They were cute as could be!

We spent Thanksgiving with the Clarks and Thomas'.  Grandma cooked the entire meal herself, aside from cranberries and desert. She is truly is Wonder Woman and insisted we come empty handed. We had a second dinner with Mom and Mike Sunday.  Aaron fixed his first turkey and did a fabulous job. We were all impressed!  Unfortunately, the babies and I all got sick, but, we were still able to enjoy our time together as a family. H&G really dug into the turkey, stuffing and cranberries!

Pumpkin patch fun. 

Christmas is around the corner. We have had so much fun watching Christmas through the eyes of Grayson and Hallie.  They love taking walks through the neighborhood to see the festive lights and have been great about the no touch rule for the Christmas tree. Hallie takes it seriously and calls the tree, 'no-no'.  Tonight we are taking them to the parade of lights and Wednesey they will meet Santa Clause for the first time.  I can hardly contain my excitement!