11 Months!

I feel like I've barely finished last month's post and it's already time to post for the next month.  Needless to say, they are just growing up too fast!  This months post is short, but sweet.

8 teeth
Likes to eat broccoli, turkey, chicken, beans and a variety of other fruits and veggies.  Such a big boy!
Sleeping through the night again after some time spent sleep training.  It was easy and he's getting much needed sleep at night and during nap time.
Loves to pull things out of drawers, open cabinets and get into anything and everything.  Starting to play paddy-cake. Still loves to watch

2 teeth, but I think she is working on more.
Likes to eat, but isn't swallowing her food unless it's pureed.
Sleeping well, other than teething. 
Loves to chase brother, grab his toys, splash in the bath and is also into everything.
Finally saying, 'Mamma'!

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